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PLAY TIME children’s furniture collection
PLAY TIME children’s furniture collection
My Mini HomePLAY TIME children’s furniture collection

Playing together is priceless in terms of time and contribution to the development of our child. Putting pompoms or threading beads improves fine motor skills. Solving puzzles increases concentration time, and building with blocks stimulates spatial thinking. Did you know that it is also a fantastic start to learning mathematics?

Every parent knows what it means to stand barefoot on a small block… so how can we avoid it? What’s the best way to store small toys, what about Montessori teaching aids or other school aids in a child’s room?

The answer is simple. The Play Time furniture collection was created with the thought of teaching children to keep their room tidy from an early age.

The Play Time furniture collection is a dream for all little Lego fans. It is dedicated to big and small lovers, because it is ideal for both Duplo and Lego bricks. It is characterized by a minimalist, solid and multifunctional design. You can change it and adapt it to the needs of your child.

Before we handed over the collection to you, it was checked by our best testers for several months – children. Little constructors played with blocks, arranged them in colours, segregated shapes and separated small ones from big ones. Play Time furniture accompanied them at every stage: from planning, through construction, to the very demolition of the structure made of blocks – which brought a lot of joy and laughter! After playing, children were happy to put their toys in the designated place thanks to the many containers and organizers that the furniture is equipped with. This means cleaning can be fun! Can you imagine?

Are you ready to build a world? Start the fun with our Play Time collection of children’s furniture!