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PLAY TIME 360 rotating bookcase

Rotary rack for storing toys, Montessori teaching aids, school aids or Lego blocks. This is the new version of our bestseller.

At the base, we have placed a rotating system that allows you to turn the furniture as well as it allows easy access to all its sides and nooks and crannies. What’s more there are truly many of them!

The Play Time revolving bookcase has a top and 3 deep shelves at different heights. Ready sets made of Lego bricks will look great on them. And the unfinished ones will safely wait their turn. They also fit perfectly with all the well-known green Lego building tiles. We feel that unlimited children’s imagination will change these seemingly ordinary shelves into a wild jungle, a fairy house or a pirate ship.

On two opposite sides there are wooden hoops, serving as a support for plastic containers. The containers can be removed, moved, changed their number or rearrangement. They are flat, wide and shallow. Thanks to this, the search for the necessary toy, teaching aid or Lego brick is very easy for tiny hands.

We encourage you to experiment when sorting and tidying toys and blocks. Put them in colour: green to green, blue to blue. Separate round from square, big from small! The satisfaction from the job done will be great. And a little Lego lover will be happy to build something new then.

This is not the end of surprises. We have created a place for you for instructions, because every Lego fan knows that they are needed many times. Arranging them with the cover to the front will make the young architect reach for the necessary copy.

The 360 Play Time rotating bookcase will enrich the arrangement of a children’s room, diversify the playroom or children’s corner. It will be perfect as an organizer for Lego blocks, Montessori teaching aids, or many other toys that are never missing in the children’s room.

It fits perfectly with other parts of the Play Time collection, which is the dream of all little Lego fans.

The furniture is made of pine plywood class AA 15 mm. Wooden hoops are always in the colour of natural wood.

The product is intended for self-assembly.
The set includes 10 large containers and 4 small containers.

Total height – 102 cm
Total width (with rims) – 70 cm
Width without side rims – 35 cm
Height between shelves from the top: 20 cm; 28 cm; 31.5 cm
Width of shelves inside: 32 cm
Diameter of the base: 50 cm

Delivery time 8-10 business days.

The wood we use for the production of our furniture comes from certified forest areas.

We use Eco-friendly paints that are recommended by the Polish Allergy Association.

Polish Product – We design and manufacture exclusively in Poland.

The product is protected as a Community design, registered at the Office of the European Union for Intellectual Property (EUIPO) under number RCD 005796679-0001 – 005796679-0008.