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The seller ( informs each user of the website that the content (photos, images, descriptions and patterns) contained on the Store’s website is protected by law *.

The Seller hereby informs each user of the website that copying and further distribution of content or use without the consent of the Seller, in addition to using for personal use, is a violation of the law and may result in civil or criminal liability. Using the content on the website without the consent of the Seller will result in the obligation to pay a fine. The amount of the penalty will be determined based on the area of ​​the violation, the form of the violation and its duration. The use of patterns is possible after prior arrangement with the Seller and payment of the appropriate license fee.

* Act of June 30, 2000 Industrial Property Law and Directive 98/71 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of October 13, 1998 on the legal protection of designs (Official Journal of the European Union L 289, p. 28) and Council (EC) No. 6/2002 of 12/12/2001 on Community designs (Official Journal EC L 3 of 2002, p. 1 as amended).

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