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About Us
About Us
My Mini HomeAbout Us

My Mini Home is a shop filled with creative concepts. The products, which you can discover within it have been deliberately designed and developed for youngest of utilizers. The wooden furniture pieces are multifunctional and serve more than simply the one, aesthetic purpose, in a children’s room. These unconventional furniture pieces ignite the imagination of young ones while they discover the potential spectrum of possible functions and uses through the particularly crafted elements.

What we offer is furniture, which is and has been recognized throughout generations, such as table, a swinging rocker, and decorative room dividers. We simply manipulated them through the use and design-driven additions of effective shape form and ornamental characteristics. Individual elements can be supplemented with additional parts which make any of our furniture models gain new functions. In this way, the screen can become a desk, bookcase or dollhouse, extending its attractiveness for the child. We give ideas for fun, which absorbs the minds of the toddlers. Our simple, aesthetic furniture designs affect the child’s analytical skills. They “Grow” with it, because the height of shelves and countertops can be adjusted.

Nestled within the cultural tapestry of Poland, My Mini Home elevates the craft of children’s furniture design to an unparalleled zenith of innovation and aesthetic grace. Spearheaded by Aleksandra Piątkiewicz, this illustrious brand epitomizes a fervent passion for shaping environments that allow the burgeoning generation to thrive in a holistically nurturing setting.

Aleksandra Piątkiewicz began her professional journey in the furniture industry by managing an online shop for children’s products. Here, she delved into the intricate alchemy of functionality seamlessly fused with stylistic elegance in children’s spaces. Maintaining perpetual engagement with her clientele, Aleksandra not only developed a keen eye for the comfort and safety of the young ones but also garnered an intuitive grasp of the nuanced needs and aspirations of parents.

Enamoured by the pedagogical philosophy of Montessori, she opted to shatter the normative paradigm, designing furniture that transcends mere aesthetic allure to function as invaluable educational apparatus. My Mini Home offers exquisitely detailed, one-of-a-kind furnishings that serve as indispensable cognitive catalysts. Each product within the company’s oeuvre is meticulously designed to stimulate the cognitive development of young minds, empowering them to independently explore the kaleidoscopic richness of the world that envelops them.

At My Mini Home, we have ingeniously amalgamated unparalleled vision with pragmatic experience to create furnishings that are not merely fixtures. They are genuine co-travelers on the enthralling journey through childhood, etching their presence into the unique narrative of your little one’s lives each passing day.