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The chest is a universal piece of furniture that will work in any children’s room. You can utilize it for storage of toys, blocks and many other materials. It is also suitable for storing shoes in the hallway. The low-levelled, stable piece of furniture also fulfills the role of a seat, on which a child can put on items of clothing. The chest is a toddler’s dream of a private chest to store treasures. It easily opens by lifting the lid up.

The furniture is a great storage space for keeping your favorite toys, plush toys or smaller items. It can be placed in any part of the children’s room as well as another room, where there are objects belonging to our child. The box is also suitable for storing shoes, seasonal and or everyday items. The stable lid creates the perfect seat for a child, while getting dressed in outdoor attire or putting on shoes.

The chest cover is placed at a height of 28 cm, comparable to a low stool or bench. The style of the furniture is the continuation of the My Mini Home line. The entire piece is made of plywood, mounted without the use of fasteners, like pegs. The box is easy to assemble, it can be folded and folded repeatedly. It has two holes on the sides, making it easy to move to any given chosen location. The furniture is available in standard colors, characteristic for all MMH furniture. You can personalize the chest by engraving with the child’s name. Both on the cover of the furniture, as well as on its side. It is made entirely of plywood 12 mm.

Height 28 cm
Width 44,5 cm
Length 37,5 cm
Delivery time 8-10 business days.

The wood we use for the production of our furniture comes from certified forest areas.

We use Eco-friendly paints that are recommended by the Polish Allergy Association.

Polish Product – We design and manufacture exclusively in Poland.

The product is protected as a Community design, registered at the Office of the European Union for Intellectual Property (EUIPO) under number RCD 005796679-0001 – 005796679-0008.