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The Rainbow Desk is an offer for fans of playing in a sitting position. Creators reaching for all kinds of plastic and sensory masses. Lovers of reading, as well as those who prefer to write down interesting stories on a piece of paper themselves. We will secretly reveal that this desk is for everyone!

The great advantage of the Rainbow children’s desk is its spacious top. On the sides there are slats that protect the currently used accessories from falling.

In addition, the Rainbow Desk is equipped with an organizer. After all, we know how many important things a child has to sort: crayons, brushes, paints, cards, beads and other treasures. All this can be accommodated by a system of 7 compartments, which are freely accessible from each side of the furniture.

We placed the rectangular top on stable legs. Their undercut has the shape of beautiful arches reminiscent of the arc of the rainbow.

The furniture is made of 15 mm thick pine plywood class AA.

It fits perfectly with other parts of the collection. Creates a set with the Rainbow chair. The furniture is united by an integral design and manufacturing method. They look beautiful anywhere at home and in the children’s room.

The Rainbow Desk can also be a separate arrangement detail for a child’s room.

The product is intended for self-assembly.

Total height: 67 cm
Total width: 80 cm
Overall depth: 64 cm

Height of the top: 49 cm
Tabletop width: 75 cm
Depth of the top: 50 cm

Zur Herstellung verwenden wir Holz aus zertifizierten Waldgebieten.

Wir malen mit umweltfreundlichen Farben, die von der „Polnischen Gesellschaft für Allergologie“ empfohlen werden

Wir entwerfen und herstellen in Polen.

Die Produkte sind als Gemeinschaftsgeschmacksmuster geschützt und beim Amt für geistiges Eigentum der Europäischen Union (EUIPO) unter den RCD-Nummern 005796679-0001 bis 005796679-0008 registriert.