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Regenbogen Rotary 360 REGENBOGEN

Rainbow rotary bookcase 360 for children’s space is decorated with a delicate rainbow bow at the top.

At the base, we have placed a rotating system that allows you to turn the furniture and allows an easy access to all its nooks and crannies.

The Rainbow rotating bookcase has 3 deep shelves on which you can place various toys, figurines or puzzles. On two opposite sides there are wooden hoops serving as a support for the tin containers. They are an ideal place to store accessories for drawing, painting or cutting.

However, you can also put some plants or herbs there together that will decorate the entire stand. We all know how much joy it gives children to take care of their own seedling and watch it grow.

And it’s not everything! We have created a place for you for a small library! Arranging the books with the covers to the front will make it easy for young readers to reach for their favourite story. Shelves will beautifully display selected books.

The furniture is made of pine plywood 15 mm class AA.

The Rainbow Rotary Bookcase is part of the Rainbow collection. It looks exceptionally good in a children’s interior together with a desk, a chair and a shelf for books from the collection, kept in the same style. It can also be a separate arrangement detail of a child’s room.

The product is intended for self-assembly.

The set includes 8 tin containers.

Total height – 102 cm
Width (with containers on sides) – 60 cm
Width without side containers – 35 cm
Height between shelves from the top: 20 cm; 28 cm; 31.5 cm
Width of shelves inside: 32 cm
Diameter base: 50 cm

Zur Herstellung verwenden wir Holz aus zertifizierten Waldgebieten.

Wir malen mit umweltfreundlichen Farben, die von der „Polnischen Gesellschaft für Allergologie“ empfohlen werden

Wir entwerfen und herstellen in Polen.

Die Produkte sind als Gemeinschaftsgeschmacksmuster geschützt und beim Amt für geistiges Eigentum der Europäischen Union (EUIPO) unter den RCD-Nummern 005796679-0001 bis 005796679-0008 registriert.