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The shelf for children from the Rainbow line is a unique piece of furniture for a child’s room. There will be room for collections of the most beautiful fairy tales and small ornaments or soft cuddly toys.

The Rainbow shelf is an ideal proposition for the first bookcase for our child. It is designed in the spirit of Montessori, in such a way as to support the independence of the child. The open form and shallow shelves secured with a strip motivate to keep order. Limited storage space minimizes distractions and enhances your child’s concentration.

On each of the three shelves, books can be placed with the cover facing forward. Such a set up encourages frequent reading of your favourite stories. And the ease with which we take them out (and then put them back) will be appreciated by both toddlers and older children.

The shelf is made of 15 mm thick pine plywood class AA. A cut-out rainbow pattern gives it a unique character.

The furniture fits perfectly with other parts of the collection. It can also be a separate arrangement detail of a child’s room.

The shelf is put on the wall with the pins included in the set.

Total height: 105 cm
Total width: 70 cm

Shelf width: 65 cm
Shelf depth: 15 cm
Shelf depth with stop: 13 cm

Zur Herstellung verwenden wir Holz aus zertifizierten Waldgebieten.

Wir malen mit umweltfreundlichen Farben, die von der „Polnischen Gesellschaft für Allergologie“ empfohlen werden

Wir entwerfen und herstellen in Polen.

Die Produkte sind als Gemeinschaftsgeschmacksmuster geschützt und beim Amt für geistiges Eigentum der Europäischen Union (EUIPO) unter den RCD-Nummern 005796679-0001 bis 005796679-0008 registriert.