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The Screen – desk 2 in 1

The Screen – desk 2 in 1

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Screen-desk is an ideal place for children to engage in both play and work. It consists of a table top with adjustable height and wings of the screen, covering it from three sides. It creates an intimate corner for developing creative artwork, hand-made needlework and storing children’s treasures. The Screen-desk is a small modification of the basic version of the product. Four shelves were added to the four wings of the mobile wall. Its height can be adjusted by fixing the shelf on the lower or higher story. The joining elements are superimposed on the appropriate cutouts. Assembly and disassembly does not require the use of tools, nails and similar items.

The desk can be removed from the shelf in a few moments and a classic screen can be created from it. With the use of additional shelves, you can change its function into a bookshelf or dollhouse. The last option also requires vertical compartments. The desk screen has a cover on three sides and convenient access for the child on the fourth side. The furniture has the same decorative motif as the screen. It was made of 15 mm thick plywood, painted by hand. The shelf was made of 12 mm thick plywood. The trimmed cut elements were produced by hand, depriving them of edges and splinters. The desk-chair fits perfectly into a desk-chair made in a similar style. The product is available in several color versions to choose from. The price of the furniture includes a custom personalized engraving with the child’s name on it.

Height 120cm;
width 84 cm;
depth 42 cm
The height of the desk top: 49,5 cm
Delivery time 8-10 business days.

The wood we use for the production of our furniture comes from certified forest areas.

We use Eco-friendly paints that are recommended by the Polish Allergy Association.

Polish Product – We design and manufacture exclusively in Poland.

The product is protected as a Community design, registered at the Office of the European Union for Intellectual Property (EUIPO) under number RCD 005796679-0001 – 005796679-0008.