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Educational Room Screen/ Separator

The Educational Screen is a great tool for practicing the skills of intertwining and arranging. It improves the child’s self regulation of attention and behaviour, concentration, fine motor skills and predominantly induces children’s state of happiness, creativity and fun. The toy consists of two parts. The first element is used to thread the string through available holes. The other one has pegs for applying blocks. Both parts are permanently connected.

The Educational Screen is a great challenge for small fingers. The two-part, wooden toy provides education through play. By engaging in it’s use, the child is actively stimulated to practice and master their fine motor skills or abilities that are not innate, but acquired. These newly practiced and acquired skills are used during every day, basic, essential activities such as dressing, toilet, tying shoes and combing hair. In the further stage of a child’s development, these fine motor skills make it easier to master writing and drawing skills. Fine motor skills also support speech development and proper articulation. The educational screen consists of two parts.

The left side is used to interlace a string, stiffened with rubber, through available holes. In this way the tenement house can gain windows or doors. This activity encourages the child’s cognitive developmental skills of concentration and logical thinking. The second part consists of pegs to which pads are applied or the erasers of the formula are pulled. The set includes 4 types of blocks with cut holes: 10 x rectangle, 4x triangle, 4x semicircle, 6x square and rubber bands. From the 24 elements available, you can create windows and doors, referring to the shape of the screen – Tenement houses, or any other motifs that a child selects. Both parts of the screen are permanently connected. When playing, maintain them in a  vertical position, this will make threading easier. It is made of plywood with a thickness of 12mm, it includes: 24 bricks, 3 strings, 15 rubber bands.

Height 54 cm, width (1 part) 34 cm.
The Educational Room Screen is available in one color of natural wood.
Delivery time 7 days.

The wood we use for the production of our furniture comes from certified forest areas.

We use Eco-friendly paints that are recommended by the Polish Allergy Association.

Polish Product – We design and manufacture exclusively in Poland.

The product is protected as a Community design, registered at the Office of the European Union for Intellectual Property (EUIPO) under number RCD 005796679-0001 – 005796679-0008.

Weight5 kg
Dimensions55 × 36 × 9 cm

Natural (Wooden)